The Study Access Alliance announces new scholarship initiative, offers up to 100,000 study scholarships for students in Africa via partners.

– Local partners to distribute study scholarships and create links to job market.

– A top-rated European university degree can be earned online via IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) in Germany.

Erfurt, Germany, 28 June 2022. Effective immediately, African students can apply via the Study Access Alliance’s partners for one of the study scholarships. Applicants will be able to apply their scholarship towards an online bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of study programmes at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU). The scholarships – which offer African students the opportunity to study at a globally recognised, top-rated university online – will be distributed by local partners in select African countries.

Laura Bake, Director of the Study Access Alliance:

“By collaborating with organisations on a local level, students with a financial disadvantage are better supported directly and onsite by our partners. These partnerships aim to help adult learners succeed on a pathway to employability and career success by offering high-quality online degrees coupled with the additional support they need to be successful.”

The Study Access Alliance partners with local organisations, NGOs, businesses, universities, education groups and governments in African countries which are already working in providing education opportunities to students in need. Current partners include Artsy Africa, CASBI, HI², Mully Children’s Family and TooShare.

The Study Access Alliance collaborates with higher education institutions to provide internationally recognised, top-quality education to its scholarship recipients. Currently, scholarship recipients can study online at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany’s largest private university which offers around 40 online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English.

Dr. Sven Schütt, CEO of IU Group:

“That all people have access to education and growth is fundamental to us at IU Group, which is why we are proud to partner with the Study Access Alliance. By making university education with a focus on future skills and employability accessible to financially disadvantaged students on a large scale, the initiative reduces inequalities, solves pressing digital skills needs, and thereby contributes to overall sustainable economic development.”

The initiative’s academic partners offer scholarships within the Study Access Alliance less than 10% of the regular tuition fees. The remaining amount for each scholarship is covered by partners of the Study Access Alliance. Accredited universities with online degree offerings in English are encouraged to join the alliance. Further information on applying for a scholarship or becoming a partner:


The Study Access Alliance is a scholarship provider for disadvantaged students in African countries who are financially unable to fund their university education. Initiated by the IU Group in 2022, the Study Access Alliance is a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH). By collaborating with organizations such as NGOs, businesses, universities, education groups and governments in Africa and beyond, students with a financial disadvantage are better supported directly and onsite. Current partners include Artsy Africa, CASBI, HI², Mully Children’s Family and TooShare. For more information, visit


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Study Access Alliance
Laura Bake, Director